World Safety Nunchaku

Even though as claimed by few martial arts experts this weapon was first found by people at Okinawa Island; the Nunchaku was first introduced to the world and used by Bruce Lee in his Movie ‘Enter the Dragon" during 1977 . (This weapon was made with two parts of wood or metal and got linked with metal chain or rope). The credit goes to an eminent martial arts expert & an actor one and only Bruce Lee for introducing the Nunchaku to the entire world through his movie. It is worthy to mention that after his demise also, the weapon – ‘Nunchaku’ as introduced by him is used now also as one of the best self defense weapons all over the world.

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True intension of the Examination in the present education system is providing a platform for the students to reveal the ability of their understanding skills and to show them how much they have improved themselves from previous level. This methodology has been used to scale them up and monitor their consistent improvements.

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  • " First Time in World " 
        “SANCHAKU” ( Triple Safety Stick ) 
      Exclusively for 
    Safety Nunchaku Practioners. 
        Direct Coaching by 
    World renowned 
    Safety Nunchaku Grand Master
        Soshihan S. Kothandan